1. Dr. G.Y. Ajiboye Ag. Provost/Chairman
  2. Mr. J.O. Awolola College Librarian
  3. Mr. A.D. Adeyemi Dean, School of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
  4. Mrs. J.C. Yusuf Dean, School of Junior Secondary Education
  5. Mr. R.F. AbdulRaheem Dean, School of Basic and Remedial Studies
  6. Mr. S.A. Oniyangi Ag. Dean, Student Affairs
  7. Dr. (Mrs) Bosede Oyedepo Ag. Dean, School of Education
  8. Mr. Bisi Oyewole Director, Continuing Education Centre (CEC)
  9. Dr. Bello Ganiyu Director, Computer & Information Technology Centre (CITC)
  10. Dr. (Mrs) Opadokun Ag. Director, PDE
  11. Mrs. G.M. Akogun Director, Directorate of S.I.W.E.S
  12. Mr. I.O. Ayorinde Director, Directorate of Examinations
  13. Dr. Z.A. Adesokan Director, Directorate of Academic Planning
  14. Dr. (Mrs) F.F. Akande Director, Guidance & Counselling Centre
  15. Mrs. R.B. Saleeman Ag. Director, General Studies Education (GSE)
  16. Mr. M.N. Mohammed HOD, Social Sciences (Regular Degree)
  17. Mr. P.K. Babalola HOD, Voc. & Tech Education (Regular Degree)
  18. Mr. S.O.S. Olabanji HOD, Sciences (Regular Degree)
  19. Mrs. H.M. Molagun HOD, Educational Foundations
  20. Dr. S.A. Adebayo HOD, Primary Science
  21. Mr. Z.N. Kolo HOD, Educational Psychology
  22. Mrs. M.D. Olatunji HOD, Arts & Social Sciences (School of Junior Secondary Education)
  23. Mr. S.O. Oyeyemi HOD, Languages and Literacy
  24. Mr. Y.S. Alhassan HOD, Arts and Culture
  25. Mrs. H.N. Abubakar HOD, Health and Nutrition
  26. Mrs. F.A. Omotosho HOD, Voc. & Tech Studies (School of Junior Secondary Education)
  27. Mr. A.F. Bankole HOD, Voc. & Tech Studies (School of Primary Education Studies)
  28. Dr. A.A. Salami HOD, Curriculum Studies & Education Tech. (CSET)
  29. Mrs. M.T. Ajadi HOD, Early Childhood Science & Technology
  30. Mr. Abdulwahid Sulyman HOD, Early Childhood Communication
  31. Mr. E.O. Ale HOD, Languages and Communication
  32. Mr. Bolakale Adebimpe HOD, Sciences (Junior Secondary School Education)
  33. Dr. C.O. Fashiku Coordinator, Teaching Practice
  34. Mr. S.A. Sanni COEASU, Representative
  35. Mr. J.A. Ojo Chief Lecturer - Member
  36. Mr. W.B. Makanjuola Chief Lecturer - Member
  37. Dr. K.K. Salau Chief Lecturer - Member
  38. Mr. M.J. Idris Chief Lecturer - Member
  39. Mr. S.Y. Ndagunnu Chief Lecturer - Member
  40. Mrs. E.M. Balogun Chief Lecturer - Member
  41. Mr. J.O. Odepidan Chief Lecturer - Member
  42. Mr. S.I. Saleeman Chief Lecturer - Member
  43. Dr. M.B. Taiwo Chief Lecturer - Member
  44. Mr. S.S. Sangoyomi Chief Lecturer - Member
  45. Dr. I.S. Opobiyi Chief Lecturer - Member
  46. Mr. A.A. Ibrahim Registrar/Secretary
  47. Mr. A.G. Hanafi Deputy Registrar (Academic)
  48. Mr. S.J. Jiyah Recording Secretary (Academic Board)