The newly elected students’ union executives of the college were recently inaugurated at the boardroom to oversee the affairs of their colleagues in the next one year to come.

These set of executives were elected through a unique and new process called online voting. You will recall that the college Provost, Dr.Abdulraheem Yusuf discouraged the old method and introduced this to replace it, saying that transparency is the hallmark of every process of election among students.

Inauguration of this newly elected students’ unique executive was handled by the students’ Affairs unit of the college with the college management in attendance to witness the occasion.

The representative of the Provost who is the Deputy Provost Administration, Dr. M.B Taiwo congratulated the new executives of the students’ union for emerging winners in this unique process of election that brought them to power, he implored them to be prudent, dedicated, and operate a transparent administrative style.

He warned them to make their tenure a hitch-free one that will not be marked with crisis but a successful one while urging them to make academic progress which is their primary aim of conveying to the college most paramount.

Taiwo urged them to work tirelessly for the progress of the college in their little contributions, sayings that the management led by the Provost, Dr. AbdulRaheem Yusuf operates on inclusive government with a ‘no door’ policy.

The newly elected executives were presented with certificates of return as duly elected in a free, fair and unique, first of its kind in the history of the students’ union election in the college.

The officiating students’ union electoral body(COEDISEC) Chairman, earlier on presented the certificate on behalf of the other members of COED, Independent students’ Union Electoral Committee.

He said the task of handling a new and unique process of election introduced by the Provost provided every student with the opportunity of learning new ideas, saying that it is a great opportunity for him to serve on this direction.

The Legal Unit of the college, administered oath of allegiance on the newly elected students’ union executives for 2018/2019 session.