MISSION STATEMENT: To cultivate transformational educational leadership through conducting research development, Incubation, Innovation and In-House Training which enhances learning and overall development.

In its aim of becoming a solution provider through research development, incubation, innovation and in-house training, Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin established a Research Centre: Centre for Research Development, Incubation, Innovation and In-House Training – CREDIIIT. The Research Development, Incubation, Innovation and In-House Training Centre provides a framework for the development of competitive, innovative and quality multidisciplinary research culture across Departments and Schools of the College for quantitative and qualitative improvements in research performance and output as well as to become a leader in science-oriented development, human capital development, advanced arts creativities, cutting-edge technologies and all knowledge boundaries.

The scope of the Centre is to assist the College to maintain its renowned status in teaching and research at local, national and international levels. The Centre is expected to cover the promotion and support of all original research and innovation; to train, create and advance knowledge that will improve the quality of life through the discovery, incubation, dissemination and use of research in various disciplines in line with the vision and mission of College of Education, Ilorin.

The creation of the Centre is borne out of the quest to integrate lecturers and students who are scattered across the various Schools and Departments to help nurture novel research and innovations and to provide infrastructure and support to advance problem-solving researches. Students will be encouraged to participate in the new Centre’s multidisciplinary research, development, incubation and innovation programs as this will instils in them the ability to take leadership in educating the next generation of leaders and be more focused on improving the quality of education through research. This Centre is expected to be in partnership and collaboration with recognised institutions, high tech companies, government and its agencies, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and the local communities.

The Research Development, Incubation, Innovation and In-House Training Centre, College of Education, Ilorin will serve as a framework for stakeholders, management, academic staff and students on their roles and responsibilities in the research development, incubation, innovation and in-house training acculturation process. Accordingly, the objectives of this Centre are to: 

  1. provide strategic vision and direction for original research development; incubation and innovation; and in-house training that will guide the development and implementation of programmes to educate the next generation of leaders who are focused on improving the quality of education nationwide.
  2. empower staff and students to cultivate creative and innovative sustainable research.
  3. contribute to the College’s strategic educational and research missions through creating synergies between research, teaching and learning.
  4. enhance staff and students research collaboration and participation between disciplines and interdisciplinary within the College community, with other tertiary institutions (national and international), firms and the society.
  5. provide the infrastructure that will enhance research skills and expand networking capacity for both academic staff and students.
  6. coordinate the translation of research findings within the College to tangible products that can solve societal and global issues and enhance the image of College of Education Ilorin positively.
  7. coordinate and promote research discoveries, inventions, innovations, patenting and commercialization of research outputs, for the benefit of the researcher, the College, and the wider community.  
  8. undertake in-house training programmes. E.g. seminars and workshops to improve staff and students’ research and development performance.
  9. coordinate the editorial review and production of main College`s journals when established.
  10. source and disseminate information on local, national and international research grants and fellowships to the College community.
  11. collating research performance data and establishing information management systems for internal and external assessment and compliance.
  12. ensuring the establishment of research outputs management and archival systems that allow access and further dissemination of College research findings.
  13.  engaging at a high level, local and external stakeholders for purposes of sourcing research funding, sourcing research projects, driving the innovation process and marketing the College’s research outputs and competencies.
  14.  ensuring the development and implementation of effective funding policy and administer research funds from internal and external sources available in the College.
  15.  boost efforts in generating revenue for the College
  16. ensuring central support and central coordination of the autonomous research management and administration in the Departments, Schools and Administrative Units with the College.

Sub-Units of CREDIIIT

The Centre has the following sub-units:

(i) Research and Development Unit

(ii) In-House Training Unit

This unit shall:

(iii) Incubation and Innovation Development Unit

The unit shall coordinate the translation of research and innovation development findings within the College to tangible products that can solve societal and global problems. It shall also coordinate research discoveries and inventions, patenting and commercialization of research products. Among other things, it shall perform the following:


CREDIIIT will constitute Research Statutory Committees on research matters at the Departmental and Schools levels. Importantly, for supporting its activities and coordinating its work across the College, the Directorate will have an optimally sized but highly trained team in the Directorate of College Centre for Research Development, Incubation, Innovation and In-House Training. The Deans of Schools, Heads of Department, Directors of Directorates and Heads of Administrative Units will be responsible for the supervision and managing of research output among their staff. These College officers will work closely with the CREDIIIT for the overall realization of excellent research development, incubation and innovation output.


The Centre shall obtain its fund from four categories of sources:

  1. Annual Research development and incubation fees from all College of Education Ilorin students.
  2. Utilize fund dedicated to research in the College such as fund from Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund).
  3. Request for a special fund from Kwara State Government on Research Development, Incubation, Innovation and In-House Training. In other words, the Centre through the College Management shall make the State government finance researches that will promote the advancement of Kwara State.
  4. Fund from National and International agencies that collaborate with the Centre. It includes Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Ministries and donations from individual sponsors.

CREDIIIT News, Events and Activities