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Login witih your phone number to pay your electricity bill

Phone Number

Shop owners electricity power bill payment instruction

  1. Access the electricity bill payment link with the URL
  2. A login form requiring only your phone number will be displayed to you, type in your phone number and click on the 'Login' button
  3. If your login is successful, a list of all shops attached to the phone number you logged in with will be displayed in a table form with a 'Pay electricity bill' button attached to each shop, click on the payment button to a shop to pay the electricity bill for that shop
  4. Clicking on the payment button for a shop will cause a page containing the shop information and amount of the electricity bill for that shop to be displayed; double-check the information on the page - you may proceed with payment by clicking on the 'Pay' button at the bottom of the page if and only if all the information displayed are correct.
  5. After this, you will be directed to the Interswitch's payment system where your debit card information will be required, fill in all information required to complete payment.
  6. You will then, be re-directed back to your power bill payment portal where the status of your transaction will be shown to you; if your transaction is successful, you will find a link to print your receipt.



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