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Sandwich Portal

Important Notice: Sandwich School Fees for the 2013 Contact Session

Note that you will be paying part of your school fees on this portal and the rest on EKSU portal. Details for payment into EKSU portal shall be provided soon.

The fees in red bold font are the ones payable on this portal

S/No Fees Type 200L 300L 400L 500L Pay into
1A EKSU 53,000 53,000 53,000 53,000 EKSU Portal
1B CEC COED 39,700 46,700 46,700 45,200 KWCOED Portal
2 Laboratory Charges (Sc & Voc only) 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 KWCOED Portal

Accommodation optional

S/No Amount Block
a N 8,000 Block 5,6 and Shaaba Hostel
b N12,000 Block 1,2,3 and Shekoni Hostel
c N16,000 Block 4

Steps to Pay EKSU's part of your school fees.

Go to
Username: student's matric no
Password; student's matric no

The above log on page will direct the student to update their form on line as shown below before making payment:


After the student must have completed the form above, then click the above “save and continue” button (see the arrow above) to submit your form and after you must have completed the form it takes you to the payment process as shown  below:

The above log in page will direct the student to their dashboard (see below) where the student manage all their data‟s and make their payment from. (See below)  When you click on the “make payment” button, it brings the page below:


Note: After you click on this, it directs you to a page as shown above where you can ‘’make new payment’’ See the arrow above:


When you click on INTERSWICH CARD PAYMENT option as shown above it means you are paying with any of the interswitch branded payment card like: ATM (Verve card or master card) and fill in other details as required. Then click on the ‘’Next button’’ to take you to the next page as shown below:

Select the type of card you want to pay with, see a space to fill your “card number”, the “expiry date” and your “pin” and “cvv2” at back of your card. Then you click the ‟pay button‟ as shown in the diagram below to pay your fee on line. Please follow these arrows.

After you must have click the pay button it brings up a page to fill banking and other details. See below diagram

Please follow these arrows.


After filling the spaces, click on’’ register and conclude payment’’ submitting the page, a response message will be sent to you that your transactions have been successfully made.

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