1. Login to your NCE student portal

2. Click on "Pay Fees" and select "Make-Up Exam" in the fees description dropdown. Take note to select the one captioning the number of courses you are registering for make-up as you will only be able to register the number of courses you paid for

3. Complete the payment by following the regular payment procedures

4. After completing payment, find the link "Make-Up Exams" on the list of links on the left hand side of your portal dashboard 5. If you have made payment, a list of courses that you are able to register make-up for will appear, based on your current level. Check all the courses that you are registering and have paid for and click "Submit"

5. The courses will be saved and a form will be displayed to be printed.

6. Print this form, endorse as appropriate. 7. Registration for make-up will end on Wednesday 6th September, 2018