1. As soon as the College resumes, students should ensure that they pay all required fees through the use of bank drafts, which must be presented to the Bursary department to obtain original College receipts.
  2. Fresh students should obtain Admission Qualification Clearance Certificate from the Admissions Office before proceeding to pay fees. The said certificate will be used to obtain endorsed registration forms. Forms not endorsed by the Student Affairs or Academic Office will not be accepted by the College for registration.
  3. In the case of returning (200 and 300 levels) students, they should go straight to the Academic or Students Affairs Office to obtain registration forms with the clearance from the Admissions Office.
  4. No registration will be allowed without a Medical Certificate. Female PHE students must submit pregnancy free Certificates and physical fitness clearance certificate which are prerequisites to registration.
  5. After completing the registration forms, a copy shall be deposited at the various designated offices.
  6. Fresh students are also expected to register at the College Clinic and the Library.

Late Registration: Failure to complete registration formalties as at when due shall be penalized except for fresh students with evidence of late admission.