Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin being a teacher training institution has a standard Counselling Centre to cater for the needs of the students and staff. The following services are rendered to assist the College community and the society at large.

Orientation Services

Welcome students to the College and thoroughly familiarize them with the policies of the College. Students are also intimated with facilities in the College and we also provide them with the skills for self-management.

Educational Counselling

This service mainly supervises the studies of students, monitors students’ academic performance at regular intervals, administers tests on academic matters, scores them, interprets them and uses them for counselling interventions. We also counsel students with skills and provide them with necessary resources for studying. We guide and counsel teachers and parents on academic matters as well as providing information on academic and educational matters.

Vocational/Career Counselling

Provide students with occupational information as well as guiding and counselling students, and parents on vocational choice and combination of subjects and helping in resolving conflicts in such matters.

Personal/Social Counselling

Counsels students on their personal and social matters and problems. Consults and liaises with teachers and parents as occasion requires on students’ personal social matters and problems and involves them with Counselling programme as well as fostering personal and social development in students.

Referral Services

Refer clients to other professional as occasion requires. We also invite resources persons for specialist inputs into the College Counselling services. We also take up cases referred to us and give feedback to the referring agencies.

Follow-up Services

Follow-up student’s progress after leaving the school and liaise with the Alumni Association for progress news and update on ex-students. We also link ex-students with current School Community. We also encourage contribution by Alumni on School progress and programmes.

Liaison and Placement Services

Liaise with outside organizations which have student chapters. We also liaise between student-job seekers and prospective employers – including location for vacation job experience. We also help in arranging for learning facilities outside school programme.

Research, Academic Planning and Statistics

Maintain appropriate statistics on College data-bank and help in planning for the College’s development as well as conducting research into the College’s problem. We serve as consultants on various College Committees and programmes. We help in solving problems facing the College by adopting brain-storming, ideational creativities channels, problems solving capacities, think-tank and other strategies.

Community Services

Represent the College on outside bodies in matters relating to Guidance and Counselling, National Policy on Education, Conferences etc.
We promote services to the community such as charity programmes, visits to Motherless Babies Homes, Orphanages, Remand Homes etc. We guide and counsel staff, parents and members of the community by providing material Counselling services to meet the needs of the people.

We hope all and sundry will patronize our Guidance and Counselling Centre for remedying their psycho-social ailments.