Students Registration Procedure

  1. As soon as the College resumes, students should ensure that they pay all required fees through the College portal, which must be presented to the Bursary department to obtain original College receipts.
  2. Fresh students should obtain Admission Qualification Clearance Certificate from the Admissions Officer before proceeding to pay fees. The said certificate will be used to obtain endorsed registration forms. Forms not endorsed by the Students Affairs or Academic Office will not be accepted by the College for registration.
  3. In the case of returning (200 and 300 levels) students, they should go straight to the Academic or Students Affairs Office to obtain registration forms with the clearance from the Admissions Office.
  4. No registration will be allowed without a Medical Certificate. Female PHE students must submit pregnancy free certificates and physical fitness clearance certificate which are prerequisites to registration.
  5. After completing the registration forms, a copy shall be deposited at the various designated offices.
  6. Fresh students are also expected to register at the College Clinic and the Library.
  7. Late Registration: Failure to complete registration formalities as and when due shall be penalized except for fresh students with evidence of late admission.

Students Identification

Students get I.D. cards from the Students’ Affairs Office. The I.D. cards are supposed to be carried by the students at all times. Any loss should be reported to the Students Affairs Office but the student concerned would be required to pay for the replacement of the I.D. card.

Students Welfare

Students’ welfare is a priority to the College Administration; hence, it strives to provide welfare service e.g. boarding, health, sporting, and catering services. The Students Affairs in relation to students’ welfare and disciplinary committees sees to students and welfare matters. General rules and regulations for students as well as hostel regulations should be obeyed at all times.

Student’s Publications

Students’ publications should be registered with the College Information Officer and the Students Affairs Office. Unauthorized publication will be unpublished.
Any students publication (e.g. notice letters, articles to the press on issues affecting the College) must have been approved by the Provost through the Students Affairs Officer. A copy of any students’ publication must be submitted to the Provost and the College Information Officer through the Students Affairs Officer.

Channels of Communication

Any student who is not happy with his course, examination result and other academic matters must first of all direct his/her grievance to the Head of Department. It is when the problem could not be solved there that it can then be directed to the Academic Board through the Registrar. Other problems related to students’ welfare should be channeled through the Students Affairs Officer. Any student caught fighting shall be dismissed from the College straightaway.

Student Unionism

There is a student union body whose membership is open to all students. It provides a means of participation, training for leadership and expression of corporate student views.

Students Exit

Students wishing to travel must take permission from their H.O.Ds to cover his/her absence from lectures. Such exit forms are available with the Students Affairs Officer.

Staff/Students Relationship

The College encourages student-staff relationship that is mutually beneficial toward academic pursuit. All other forms of relationship that may result to unpleasantries to either party are seriously discouraged.

Student’s Clubs and Societies

The College allows the formation of clubs and societies within the student population. All clubs and societies formed by the students must, however, be registered as recognized bodies through the Students Affairs Officer. No club or societies will be recognized or function without the written approval of the College authority as conveyed to the organizer through the Students Affairs Officer.

Student’s Orientation

At the commencement of an academic session, all fresh students are expected to undergo an orientation programme which normally takes place in the first week of resumption. The programme is intended to expose new students briefly to the whole range of services and privileges available to them as members of an academic community. The programme is also designed to suit them in settling down and adjusting to College life. As part of orientation, freshers are able to meet the Provost, the Registrar, other principal officers, Deans and other senior administrative and academic staff.


  1. All fresh students are expected to matriculate after completing the registration exercise following full payment of all fees.
  2. After the ceremony, each student is issued with a matriculation number which he/she is expected to retain and use throughout the duration of his/her course, for official transactions, correspondence and examination.

Admitted students must ensure that they matriculate; otherwise, they will not be regarded as bonafide students of the College.