The College Library started functioning since 1974. The Library hall has four wings: two wings are located downstairs and two wings upstairs. Wing A, circulation; wing B, free-reading area; wing C, serials unit, and wing D, Reference unit.

The books are arranged using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC). The total reading space is 420 seats. While the accessioning is presently 21, 361.
The library opens to readers during the session as follows:
Monday – Friday – 8.00am – 10.oopm, Saturday 8.00am – 1.00pm. The Library normally closes on Sunday and all recognized public holidays.


  1. Readers who do not have borrowing privileges, i.e. part-time lecturers and outside readers may in exceptional cases request their Heads of Departments to borrow for them. The Heads of Departments shall assume full responsibility for these loans.
  2. Full-time students and senior members of staff may borrow books which are not otherwise restricted to use in the library, e.g. Reference or Reserved Books, and Periodicals (bound or unbound).
  3. Books to be borrowed must be presented at the Circulation Desk by the ticket-holder in person with one reader’s ticket for each book, and the date due must be stamped in the book. The period of loan is one month for lecturers and two weeks for students.
  4. Currently, students may borrow up to 2 books at a time, while senior staff may borrow up to 4 books.
  5. All borrowing must be completed 10 minutes to closing time.
  6. Loans may be renewed, if the books are not required by other readers.
  7. Overdue notices are normally sent out, but each reader is responsible for the return of the book on his/her tickets whether or not he receives the notice(s).
  8. Holders of overdue books will be fined N2 per book/day. After one week, the fine will be N4 per day. Library book recalled by the Librarian will be charged at the rate of N5 per day after 72 hours from date of the notice.
  9. Further loan privileges may be withdrawn from anyone who keeps books longer than 20 days after they are due for returning or renewal.

Lost books

Readers are responsible for the safe keeping of all books issued to them and are required to pay for replacement in the event of loss, damage or mutilation if a reader loses a book, this should be reported immediately to the Circulation Librarian. A period of time will then be allowed for the reader to search for the missing items. Refusal to pay for such loss will be referred to the Registrar.

Mutilation and Theft

  1. It needs little imagination to realize that mutilation is a serious anti-social activity which impairs the usefulness of these publications not only for present readers but (especially with serial and out of print books) for future generation of users, since such applications are often unobtainable again at any cost. Therefore, any person who mutilate or steals College books will face the full severity of College discipline.

Reserved Books

Books that are in constant demand but with limited number of copies are placed on reserved list/shelves at the circulation so as to enable all interested readers have equal access to them. They are meant for use within the library only.

Reference Books

These are tagged ‘reference only’ and are placed on the reference shelves in the library. They are available for consultation only within the library and cannot be taken out of the library except with a special permission of the librarian.


A reader who wishes to ensure that a book which has been borrowed by another reader be made available to him on its return to the library may do so by filling a reservation form at the lending desk. He is notified accordingly when the book is available for him.

Library Rules and Regulations

  1. A fine of N50.00 per day is charged on each book overdue for return to the library. Further loan privileges may be withdrawn from anyone who keeps books longer than seven (7) days after they are due for returning or renewal.
  2. Readers are responsible for the safekeeping of all books issued to them and are required to pay for the estimated cost in event of loss or damage.
  3. Defacing, mutilation and theft of library books/materials will be taken as very serious offence. Therefore, the offender will face the full severity of College discipline.
  4. Silence and orderliness must be maintained in and around the library at all time.
  5. Briefcases, baggages and other personal effects must be left at the entrance to the library or places provided for them.
  6. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the library.
  7. Readers leaving the library must surrender themselves to the library staff at the entrance for checking.
  8. No reservation of seats in the library.
  9. Books and journals consulted in the library must be left on the table and not returned to the shelves. This is to make sure that they are put back in their correct positions on the shelves by the trained library staff.

The librarian reserves the right to suspend or withdraw all library privileges from any person who contravenes these regulations and to report such cases to the appropriate College authority for further actions.

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