1. Every full-time student should register for a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 24 credit units per semester, except for students on field experience or industrial attachment. Number of total credit units for graduation is 108.
  2. A full-time staff should have a minimum teaching load of 8 credit units per semester; i.e. 8 hours of lecture or tutorial per week per semester:
    1. for Science-based disciplines, this should mean a minimum of 9 lecture hours and two 3-hours laboratory work per week;
    2. for Arts-based disciplines, this should mean a minimum of 9 lectures and two 1-hours tutorials per week;
    3. for certain service courses, the class size may be very large, and therefore proportionate contact hours should be used.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The College uses the NCCE recommended grading system using both letter (A - F) and figure (0 - 5).

  1. The percentage score, Letter Grades, Grade Point Average (GPA), and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), and the status of pass are shown in Table 1.
  2. A minimum pass mark of 40% (equivalent to Grade point of 1) is stipulated to be adopted by all Colleges of Education in Nigeria. Also a minimum GPA of 1.00 is required for graduation.

Minimum Credits Requirements

The College operates course and semester systems. One credit is equal to 15 hours of contact lectures or 30 hours of practicals. Course weights are between 1 and 3 credits, and on no account should a course, including long essays and projects, carry more than 3 credits.
The minimum and maximum credit loads a student can carry per semester are 10 and 25 respectively.

Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice (TP) is compulsory for all students, student is expected to complete at least 12 weeks of teaching practice during the three-year period.
Every student is required to do Teaching Practice and the credit earned recorded in EDUC 324.

Students Project

Each student must write a project in the final year before graduation. The student will write the project in either education or in teaching subject area. The essence of the project is to inculcate in the student the sense of individual research work. Every student will be assigned a supervising lecturer to standardize the written project.