In the annals of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin, as the Student Union held its first ever online voting on Tuesday the 24th of July, 2018. The election which was adjudged the best so far was rated the freest, fairest and most credible of all the previously held elections. Another feature of the electoral process was that unlike the previously held elections, the atmosphere was very calm as students were seen on campus going about their normal academic life. Although, it wasn’t clear weather classes held. The idea started when the provost Dr. Abdulraheem Yusuf had his first congress with the students. He promised them that, there would no longer be selection, consensus candidates and other sharp practices which characterized the previous elections.

He ultimately promised that their election would be held with ease as it will be done via the College portal. The Student Union keyed in by constituting a ten-man Independent Student Electoral Committee (ISEC).

The Student Affairs Unit and the Security Unit were on ground to provide the electoral committee with necessary logistical support. The election started by 7:00am in the morning and ended at exactly 4:00pm.

Candidate agents were assembled at Hall 2 of the College where automatically collated results were displayed via multimedia projector and returned candidates announced. Upon the conclusion of the process, the Students in their hundreds thronged the office of the Provost in appreciation of his father role and administration acumen which culminates with the hitch-free election.

Apart from monitoring the votes as they were trickling in, the electoral committee together with the intelligence community of the College ensured that fraudulent electoral practices were not allowed while the election lasted.

The election was however not without its own challenges as some stakeholders felt that the fees attached to the nomination form ought not to be as high as it was and the electoral committee must also make provision for polling units to prevent candidates from taking undue advantage of the system. Others observed that the process ought not to allow the use of laptops but smartphones except for the ones provided by the committee to fully address sharp practices.

The College management was also urged to make the internet facility of the College much more functional against subsequent ones. In his reaction to the success of the electoral process, the chairman of the ISEC said one of the ways we can further improve the process is to further assure the students that, selection, anointed as well as consensus candidacy have become a thing of the past. He added that the appointment of the electoral committee must be done at least one month before the actual date. He concluded by saying that, the committee must make provision for the polling unit across the campus.

Secondly was that the appointment of the Electoral Committee should be selected, a month the commencement of pre and post-election process, for a perfect and fastened of the election process.

The voting point will be located in one or more areas in the school premises like the CITC expert can join in the providing adequate and perfect and improved innovation.