Dr. AbdulRaheem Yusuf has charged the entire security apparatus of the College to change entirely from their current orientation to an all-round protective policing in line with current trends in the 21st century to guarantee the security of lives and properties of staff and students.

The charge was made recently in his office while holding a crucial with the Security Unit of the College. He said it is high time their mode of operations within the College community as a whole changed to allow for best practices.

Dr. Yusuf identified that there are lots of people thronging in and out of the College with the intention of wrecking havoc. He, therefore,warned the security officers to always be at their duty posts as at when due as abscondment from their beat by any of them shall be met with appropriate sanctions.

He added that any personnel assigned to a particular beat would be responsible and liable for whatever that happened in such a place be it robbery, theft and other vices capable of affecting the peace of the College. He stated further that any security personnel found wanting in any way, shall be handed over to the police. He, however,promised that for efficiency, the unit would be provided with at least whistles with which they can alert one another for assist once during critical situations or attack by intruders” pending the time the College economy improves to accommodate more of their demands.

He encouraged them to be upright at all times and commended officers who had bought uniforms for themselves requesting that names of those officers be forwarded to him. He warned that every security on duty must put on their uniforms.

In his response, the Chief Security Officer of the College Mallam Issa Abdulrahman DSP (Rtd.) thanked the Provost and promised that his men will work better than before to ensure the security of life and property in the college.