About six lecturers (name withheld) have been queries for contravening the College rules on the sale of textual materials.

Upon his resumption in office as the College Provost, Dr AbdulRaheem Yusuf put in place over ten committees among which was the College Editorial Board saddled with, among other things, the responsibility of vetting and regulating prices for books that would be sold to the students.

The Committee completed its work and a report was submitted on the price and mode of selling the edited books. In it, it was clearly stated that no students should be forced to buy any material while it remains a punishable offence to trade above the College approved prices.

While some of the alleged lecturers forced the students to buy books, others sold above the approved prices. The intelligence report however exposed them and with evidence at the disposal of the College, and their final confessional statements, it was proofed beyond reasonable doubt that they were guilty as charged.

  The Provost, in his magnanimity,however, tempered justice with mercy by to approve the recommendation of the management to warn the affected staff.

He,however, reiterated his commitment to discipline and warned that there will be no sacred cows in the dispensation of justice in the College.