Women have been charged to take proper care of their children and live a healthy life to prevent avoidable medical challenges. The commissioner for Woman Affairs HajiaTaibat Ahmed made the call recently at a seminar organised by the National Association of Women in College of Education, Kwara State Chapter.

Mrs. Ahmed who was the special guest of honour reminded woman of the powers that reside in them and urged them to use the power positively for the benefit of mankind. As the natural leader in a home, she tasked them to take charge of their home by giving training and imparting knowledge that will last for a lifetime on the children.

Delivering a lecture on Cervical and Breast Cancer, Dr.Adesokan Ayo from Leah Foundationsaid cervical cancer could be prevented by being physically active for at least 30 minutes daily, avoiding being overweight and consumption of sugary drimics. On breast cancer, Dr.Adesokan pointed out that regular breast cancer screening is critical to help in early detection which in form helps in its successful treatment.

In his remarks, the representative of the Provost, Deputy Provost Administration Dr. M.B Taiwo thanked WICE for impacting meaningfully in the life of women. Taiwo said the association started these excellent works since 1989 and had never relented its effort at giving meaning to people’s life.

Finally, Dr.Taiwo requested the support of the HonourableCommissioner for Women affairs HajiaZainab Ahmed for the association to continue with its excellent work until the desired goal is achieved.