The representative of the Provost, the Deputy Provost AdministrationDr.M.BTaiwo congratulated the newly elected students excos. He urged them to make academic the most paramount in their mind; he further stressed the need for them to maintain peace and unity that the college is currently enjoying.

The new president, Student Union, Akanbi Mohammed Shita in his acceptance speech reiterated his resolve to make the college greater and maintain peace and unity. While reaffirms his willingness to drive common aim irrespective of divergent views,saying that we must collectively stand and be ready to implement them. “United we stand divided we fall” Let us do it together so that we can be congratulated some day.

After the presentation of the certificate of return to the newly elected executives by the chairman independent student election committee (ISEC), LagbeAbdulmateenSaheed.The new executives were administeredoath.

The inauguration ceremony of the newly elected executives of thestudents union (S.U) at the boardroom of the College. The event was attended by different personalities.In attendance at the occasion are the management team, provost ably represented by deputy provost ably administration Dr.M.BTaiwo, legal staff, dean students affairs, outgoing executives, the newly elected executives as well as the staff of information unit.