Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin did not just come as a jamboree thing. It faced many tough situations which it overcame before it got to what is now kwon as KWCOED, Ilorin that is now the cynosure of all eyes. Of course, many big wigs in the society across the length and breadth of the country passed through the four walls of the institution and are still proud to be associated with the college.

This institution, as we all know, stands out and stands tall in the community of College of Education in this country. In fact, the college happens to be the first state College of Education in the whole, northern part of the county. It was established in September, 1973.

Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin can boast of having all it takes to be a degree awarding institution, with well over thirty P.H.D. Holders, with long-standing experienced academic staff with master degrees in various fields of studies. Some staff are on the verge of completing their theses to be qualified as either PHD or master degree holders.

Also of note are the structures that keep springing up almost on yearly basis, from through the TETFUND. Thanks for the found which are well utilized and well managed to aid smooth academic programmes in the College.

Long and short of this discourses, is that the College as is, is capable of either transformation to a degree awarding institution or affiliation to a university especially the Kwara State University (KWASU) for degree programmes. In fact, the State University has concluded arrangement with the College on affiliation and which some courses have been found to be creditable for award of degrees in the field of Education. Thanks to the team from KWASU on the just-conclude resource inspection exercise. Clean bill was given to the College to run about 32 course lender the college of Education, a facially in the State University.