Often, mass failure in examinations, especially at the tertiary levels, is blamed on the candidates, parents and teachers (lecturers). As with other bodies, various examination bodies have absolved themselves of any blames over the poor performance of candidates.

But, are the examination bodies as guiltless as they claim or is their self-proclaimed innocence a case of being judges over their own conduct? Is it that candidates, their schools and parents have been any better and therefore, ask no questions? Or how could students have made better grades with all the time candidates spend watching television and browsing the internet.

Parents, teachers and stakeholders blame the children for not working hard enough.

Ironically, teachers also blame parents for overindulging their wards that watch television and browse the internet at any time of the day.

Parents blame the teachers, especially those in the tertiary institutions for lack of commitment and poor teaching styles. Teachers are also accused of divided loyalty as they hop from place to place, office to office to hawk assorted wares, provisions, jewellery and clothes during office hours.

Scholars and school administrators blame the Federal and State governments for poor funding and criminal neglect of the education sector. They point to dilapidated infrastructures, low budgetary allocations, systemic corruption and inconsistent policies as the bane of the education sector. The blame game is unending.