The College was represented at the 2020 National Science Exhibition  

Below is the comment of the representative of the Minister of Science and Technology

Indeed no nation can rise above the quality of her teachers. Therefore on behalf of the Minister of Science and Technology, I hereby acknowledge your project as a standard one and one with very high national values. This is due to its ability to be commercialized to boost the IGR of the institution and also used a modern teaching aid that can serve the purpose it is built for.

On this note, I urged you to please encourage other branches of science in your institution to also come up with models like this to help in teaching and learning, specifically Physics and Chemistry. I congratulate you all and I wish to inform you that your institution has won a ticket to participate in the coming INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE EXHIBITION outside Nigeria. Also, I wish to inform the management of your school that two business moguls have shown full interest in partnership with your institution in mass production.

Extend our warm regard to your Provost Prof Yusuf Abdulraheem. He is someone I hold in high esteem

Prof Aderemi Adedibu.