Cross-section of matriculating students

Kwara State College of Education Ilorin matriculated 1518 NCE regular students for the 2020/2021 academic session programme, which took place at the College Multipurpose Hall 2. 

The Acting Provost, Dr. Jimoh Ahmed Ayinla, in his opening remarks advised the students to shun cultism, exam malpractices and all other unlawful acts that are capable of distorting their academic activities.

He also reminded the students to face their primary aim of coming into the college, which is to learn while all other lawful things that they may do are secondary to complement their learning, so as not to spend more than three years.

In his words, “take your studies seriously, attend lectures regularly as well as endeavour to do your assignments and submit them as at due”. One of the prerequisites for sitting for the College examinations is to have 75% attendance at classes; therefore, you should endeavour to fulfil this condition. If you are able to do this, there would be no reasons for you not to do well.

Dr. Ayinla added that the college rules and regulations are not to scare them or instil fear in their minds but rather, such are designed to serve as guides to their conducts in the college community.

He, therefore, said that as students they should always engage in dialogue if they notice things are not in the way they expect them to be and his doors are always open to all to discuss their matters.

Meanwhile, the Dean School of Education Mr. Saka Babatunde presented the 1518  matriculating students of the college to the entire college community. While, Barrister Ahmed, the head of the college legal unit administered an oath of allegiance to the matriculating students. The matriculation ceremony was thereafter declared closed by the acting Provost.

 The Acting Provost, Dr Jimoh Ahmed Ayinla

 Group Photograph

 Some matriculationg students



 Principla Officers at 2020/2021 Matriculation

 The College Lawyer

 Matriculation Photo

 Matriculation at COEd, Ilorin

 The Acting Provost, Dr Jimoh Ahmed Ayinla

 The Acting Provost, Dr Jimoh Ahmed Ayinla

 Matriculation at Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin