The head SERVICOM unit of the College Mallam Alfanla Taofeeq and his team played what could be described as a consultation visit to the University of Ilorin SERVICOM, recently the Information unit crew reliably gathered.

The Unit was also established in the College to cater to both staff and students of the college in line with her mandates with which it was created during the regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in June 2003 and have since been passed to law with branches in all ministries, agencies and parastatals across federals state and local government levels of the country.

The purpose for which it was established amongst others includes, to clear popular impression that citizens are shortchanged in service deliveries, people are either not treated fairly or not getting required services as and when due, Mr Rafiu Sadiq explained.

With this move by the College SEVICOM unit will from time to time receive complain from Staff and Students of the College with a view to mediate amongst complainers and the other parties as the case may be. Where it finds it difficult to solve, it shall refer to the College authorities.

The head of the Unit is referred to as the Focal Officer at all levels. The focal officer, University of Ilorin said that lots of naughty, difficult and seemingly unsolvable matters have been settled by the Unit, while some referred cases have received attention accordingly.