5th February 2024

The Editor,
Society Premium

A report with the above heading, published by an online publisher "Society Premium" caught our attention with disbelief. After going through the write-up, we are compelled to write a rejoinder, because of the lies and inaccuracies the message conveyed.

It is obvious that the article wanted to attack the personality of the Principal Officers of the College and mislead the general public on the happenings in the Model Secondary School in particular and the College in general.

The College Management therefore writes to debunk the lies and inaccuracies in the following way that:

a) It is not true that the Management Staff of the College have been alleged of involvement in any fraud. The College Management has been sincere and transparent in the day-to-day administration of the College with the assistance of the THINK THANK COMMITTEE (Comprising of the Principal Officers, the Chairman and Secretary of the committer of Deans and Directors, and Chairmen and Secretaries of the Staff Unions).

b) It is not true that the College Management has failed to key into the Federal government directive on Treasury Simple Account (TSA).

c) It is also not true that the College Management has suppressed any petition in any form and there is no time SERAP petitioned the College SERAP being a non-governmental organization advocating for human rights cannot be dragged into this vexatious story. SERAP is empowered to seek remedies for violation of economic rights and would have taken necessary action against the College.

d) It is not true that the Ag, Provost, and Bursar diverted funds to their private pockets and in fact, this is not possible. The Management has in good faith maintained a proper check and balance system in the College.

e) It is also not true that the Model Secondary School still maintains the Accounts with Unity Bank till today. No account with Unity Bank was closed.

The College Management and Tetfund Offices have ensured adequate monitoring and supervision of Officers on Tefund Training. It is, therefore, not practicable for any Officer to collect Tetfund funds without attending the Training.

There is no issue in the College that generates heat, rather there is peaceful co-existence in the Model Secondary School and College Community because the Management has been transparent and makes the fear of God their watchword.

Finally, this is to put the record straight

Yours Faithfully