Below are the Instructions for Registration for Summer Computer Training Programme:

  1. On the DCIT portal, click on 'Click here to apply for Summer Computer Training Programme'
  2. A page will be loaded where you are required to fill in some information about yourself. Fill in these information and click on Register.
  3. If you have registered before, click on the 'Login' link to access the login area page where you can log in with your phone number.
  4. After registering or logging in, you will find a list of links on the left bar of the page, click on 'Make Payment' to proceed to make payment.
  5. On the payments page, click on 'New transaction'.
  6. On the 'New transaction' page, select 'Summer Training' from the payment type drop down and click on 'Continue
  7. A payment confirmation pay will be displayed where information about you and what you are paying for will be displayed. Double-check the information, if they are correct, click on 'Pay'
  8. The interswitch platform for payment will be loaded where you will be required to enter you debit card details.
  9. You will be re-directed to the school portal where you will get the status of your transaction.
  10. If the payment is successful, you will find a 'Print Receipt' link, click on it to print your receipt

Click here to commence your registration