Detailed TETFund Intervention/Support To The College (1999 - 2014)

S/No Year Purpose
1 1999 Auditorium/Lecture Theatre Capable Of Sitting 500-600 Students For Lecture
    2 Blocks And 4 Classrooms With Toilets And Offices
    Sports Pavilion And Football Field.
2 2000 Provost Office Block/Board Room Capable Of Holding 100 Board Members
3 2001 Registry Block
    Twin Lecture Halls Each Capable Of Holding 300 Students For Lecture
4 2002 2 Lecture Halls Each Capable Of Holding 400-500 Students
5 2003 1 Block Of Two Science Laboratories (Chemistry & Biology) Along With Furnishing
6 2004 Education Technology Complex
7 2005 Three Blocks Of Science  Laboratories (Physics, Computer Science Education & Mathematic)
8 2006 Technical And Vocational Education (TVE) Rooms With Offices And Toilets
9 2007 Construction Of Language Laboratory
    Procurement Of Language Laboratory Equipment
10 2008 Construction Of Academics Staff Offices And Lecture Hall Complex
    Supply Of Furniture For Academic Staff Offices
    Academics Staff Training
11 2009 Construction Of ICT Centre
    Procurement Of 14 No HP Computers
    Consultancy Fees
    Bank Charges And Contingencies
    Academics Staff Training
12 2010 No Allocation to college
13 2011 Academics Staff Training
14 2011 Construction Of Early Childhood Care Education Dept.
    Construction Academic Staff Offices For School Vocation
    Construction Of Integrated Science Laboratory Dept
    Construction Of 2 Blocks Of Classroom
    Procurement Of 1 No 14 Seater Heice  Bus
    Procurement Of Furniture
    Constituency Fees
    Bank Or Administration Charges
15 2012 Construction Of Workshop Complex
    Construction Of Academic Staff Offices
    Procurement Of Vehicles For SIWES And French Language
    Procurement And Installation Of A 500kva Sound Proof Generator
    Procurement Of Tractor For Agric Dept
    Procurement Of Computer And Office Equipment
    Consultancy Fees
    Bank Or Administrative Charges
16 2013  
17 2014 Construction Of 500 Seat Capacity Lecture Hall General Studies
    Construction & Furnishing Of Academic Staff Offices
    Construction & Furnishing Of 500 Seat Capacity Hall
    Supply Of Computer To College CITC
    Supply Of Learning Materials
    Supply Of Vehicles 1 No Toyota Hiace & 2 No Hilux Trucks
    Consultancy Services
  2014 Procurement And Installation Of 937 Nos 3 Seater Classroom Desk
    Procurement Of 55Nos All In One Computer Complete With 650 Va UPS
    Furniture For Academics Staff Offices
    Procurement Of 500NO 3-Seater Classroom
    Equipment For Biology And Chemistry Department
    Supply And Installation Of Furniture 300 Nos Computer Tables And Chairs
    Supply And Installation Of HP Pro Desktop Computers And Accessories
    Implementation, Support And Training Of Information And Communication Technology Solutions For The Virtual Library