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Finance and General Purpose Committee (FGPC)

Power of the F & GPC

  1. Exercise control over the college property, revenue and expenditure of the college.
  2. Deal with any matter requiring council decision on behalf of a college council
  3. Shall direct the deposit and investment of all subscriptions, donations and other monetary incomes paid to the college.
  4. Shall cause proper accounts to be kept and audited.
  5. Shall examine, draft annual estimates of revenue, the expenditure of the College and make recommendations to the Government through the state Ministry of Education on proposals for capital expenditure.
  6. Shall consider and make recommendations to the state government through the state ministry of Education on proposals for capital expenditures.
  7. Make recommendation to the State Government through the Ministry of Education the conditions of employment of the staff of the college.
  8. May make recommendations to the State Government concerning fees and other money payable to the college.
  9. Shall such other duties as the State Government and/or the Ministry of Education may delegate to it.