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Philosophy of the College:

The Philosophy of the College is based on the integration of the individual into a sound and effective citizen. This is summed up in the Motto: EDUCATION FOR EXCELLENCE. Since no education system can rise above the quality of its teachers, the College, in pursuance of its philosophy, lays emphasis on the production of highly motivated, conscientious, efficient and effective classroom teachers. The College is also committed to the production of teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment, and to make them adaptable to any changing situation not only in the life of their country but also in the world at large.

Man, his complex nature and the increasingly more complex society in which he lives, and his relationship with the metaphysical world (expressed in myths and religions) have been interesting subjects for investigation by scholars. Using various instruments (qualitative and quantitative, or a combination of both), the Arts and Social Sciences disciplines have sought to answer the basic questions concerning man, his society and his relationship with the metaphysical world. The NCE Arts and Social Sciences programmes seek to draw the teacher and his students into a mutual dialogue about their collective realities.